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Extract from The Dandelion Tree

Jidlaph sat deep below the surface of Isaac’s consciousness. Before him bubbles passed through the light cast into the darkness by the lanterns of the Subconscious Tavern. He turned as the tavern door swung open. Ripples flowed through the fluid filled interior. A sentry looked up and tapped a domino onto the table.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Chapter 6 : Who Shall Separate Us?

BLAM. He shot off the lock to the door. CRASH. His team kicked the door in. CLINK CLINK. A flash bang stun grenade scampered along the floor. BANG. The noise billowed out from the room. FLASH. The magnesium flame flared.

'Go.' Left hand raised up in block. Right hand holding pistol close to chest. Inside.

In The Dandelion Tree, Tom Donaldson is part of an SAS Hostage Rescue Unit.

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Continued : Extract from The Dandelion Tree

A young man, wearing a long overcoat and a rolo with trim hat, swam through. Jidlaph shrank back into the darkness and watched. The sentry clinked his double six domino down onto the table and nodded at the man.

The man pulled the collars to his coat up around his neck and leant against the bar.

‘Ten pints of Memento Melt and a Benco Belch, extra chilled.’

Behind him a chrome jukebox squatted on the floor; the aural displacement of Morrissey’s ‘First Of The Gang To Die,’ rippled out through a blue arc. The bartender looked at him as he pulled down on the tap. A red sticky fluid glooped down into a dirty glass. The man stared back for a moment, then turned and examined the sentries’ muskets lying in the rack against the far wall.